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The way my family waits for a table #iphones

laurenpoxton: Tech Death 


I find that I have to force myself to write these days, nothing like when I was a school girl writing trivial entries every night in my diary. It was a routine, a religion almost.
And yet technology has made us lazy. We are now too lazy to write in our diaries at night, our lockable notebooks…


I do this all the time


I do this all the time


I think everyone should have iPhones so I don’t have to ever look at the ugly green bubbles

When my computer’s internet fails me, thank god i have mahh phone!!

Merg: Santa, older kids want laptops, younger ones iPads, iPhones 


Perfect for your Bieber-loving 16-year-old, allegedly.

(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

If you’re a parent, you’re probably already panicking about how to satisfy your children during the season of goodwill hunting for material goods.

I am here to help. For I have just been given the…


Instagramming! We’re so antisocial LOL @michelle9428 @kaiitsang #instagram #antisocial #lols #iphones #insta #starbucks #chilling

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